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uber Waukegan, Illinois

What is Uber you may ask?  Is Uber available in Waukegan, Illinois It’s the coolest and cheapest private driver service. And Yes! Uber is available Waukegan, Illinois!  In fact, there is an appfor that available on both  iPhone, Android and Windows phones! The following are a few helpful hints tips and trick to help your very first Uber ride in Waukegan, Illinois Just think about traveling to Waukegan, Illinois for your vacation  or business trip.  You might think that the only way around is with a traditional, expensive taxi service or by public transportation which takes hours to get from one destination to another.

The lions share of consumers traveilng around the United States believe that these modes of transportation are reputable and would never try to scam a tourist or business traveler that has not had a chance to familiarize themselves with the area they are visiting. After your reservations with the airline have been confirmed, and your hotel accomidations have been solidified, the only thing left on your todo list is figure out how you will get around town once you arrive.  The nicer resorts and hotels have a shuttle service that will take you to and from the airport.   But if your hotel does not have a shuttle, nor is near a bus stop; then really you only have 3 choices left.

  1. Friends or Relatives
  2. Traditional Taxicab
  3. Uber
TaxiCabs have been in business in the USA since the invention of the autombile.  Millions use traditional taxicabs all the time.  Their big disadvantage is price and inconvience.  If you are in densley populated area, you can usually hail a cab in 5 minutes, however, if you live in sparsley populated area, a cab can take 45 minutes to pick you up.

How To Use Uber in Waukegan, Illinois

The following steps will make using Uber in Waukegan, Illinois a breeze.
  1. It is easy to register.  Start by clicking the graphic banner at the bottom to recieve your discount code. Once you are registered, the next step is to download the App by Uber from the app store, next you need to input your credit card account details, and verify that you have recieved your first time riders  Discount Code for a FREE Ride. It is required that you enter the uber discount code prior to requesting your  very first Uber ride in Waukegan, Illinois.
  2. . Verify how many Uber Waukegan, Illinoiscars are available to pickup riders close to your location in Waukegan, Illinois
  3. Next check how many cars, employed by Uber, are in the Waukegan, Illinois area and are can pickup riders that are in your current eighborhood.
  4. Now it is time to summon a ride. The nearest driver for Uber driver in the Waukegan, Illinois area gets the request, via their Uber Partners app, with your pickup destination.
  5. Make sure that you wither call or text the Uber driver with any information the driver will need to find you, such as out in front of a business.  Reminder:  If you live in a gated community, Do not forget to text the driver with your gate code!
  6.  After the ride is complete, it is time to rat your experience.  Please be mindful that a negative rating can severely hurt a drivers reputation, so only rate low if absolutely necessary.
  7.  Its time to pay.  Stop reaching for your wallet.  All fares are taken care of via the credit card stored on your account.  But don't fret, the first fare is on us.  Tipping is appreciated, but not required (there is nowhere to add a tip,so it will have to be a cash tp).

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Waukegan, Illinois Information:

Waukegan, Illinois
City of Waukegan
Downtown Waukegan Skyline
Downtown Waukegan Skyline
Nickname(s): WaukTown, Green Town
Motto: "An Illinois Arts-Friendly Community"
Coordinates: 42°22′13″N 87°52′16″W / 42.37028°N 87.87111°W / 42.37028; -87.87111Coordinates: 42°22′13″N 87°52′16″W / 42.37028°N 87.87111°W / 42.37028; -87.87111
Country United States
State Illinois
County Lake
Founded 1829
Incorporated 1849 (town), 1859 (city)
 • Type Mayor–council
 • Mayor Wayne Motley (D)
 • Total 23.88 sq mi (61.8 km2)
 • Land 23.67 sq mi (61.3 km2)
 • Water 0.21 sq mi (0.5 km2)  0.88%
Elevation 715 ft (218 m)
Population (2013)
 • Total 88,826
 • Rank 9th largest in Illinois
 • Density 3,700/sq mi (1,400/km2)
Demonym(s) Waukeganite
Time zone CST (UTC−6)
 • Summer (DST) CDT (UTC−5)
Area code(s) 847 & 224

Waukegan /wɔːˈkɡən/ is a city and the county seat of Lake County, Illinois, United States. As of the 2013 census estimate, the city had a population of 88,826. It is the ninth-largest city in Illinois by population. It is the fifth-largest city on the western shore of Lake Michigan, after Chicago, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Kenosha.


  • 1 History
  • 2 Geography
  • 3 Demographics
  • 4 Economy
    • 4.1 Top employers
  • 5 Revitalization
  • 6 Tourism
    • 6.1 Popular events
    • 6.2 Popular tourist destinations
  • 7 Superfund sites
  • 8 Notable people
    • 8.1 Jack Benny
    • 8.2 Ray Bradbury
  • 9 Education
  • 10 Government services
    • 10.1 Transportation
    • 10.2 Fire department
  • 11 Historical sites
  • 12 Artistic references
  • 13 Twin towns and sister cities
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The site of present-day Waukegan was recorded as Riviere du Vieux Fort ("Old Fort River") and Wakaygagh on a 1778 map by Thomas Hutchins. By the 1820s, the French name had become "Small Fort River" in English, and the settlement was known as "Little Fort". The name "Waukegance" and then "Waukegan" (meaning "little fort"; cf. Potawatomi wakaigin "little fort") was created by John H. Kinzie and Solomon Juneau, and the new name was adopted in 1849.

Waukegan had an abolitionist community dating to these early days. In 1853, residents commemorated the anniversary of emancipation of slaves in the British Empire with a meeting. Waukegan arguably has the distinction of being the only place where Abraham Lincoln failed to finish a speech; when he campaigned in the town in 1860, a fire alarm rang, and the man soon-to-be president had his words interrupted.

Waukegan's development began in many ways with the arrival of Washburn & Moen, a barbed-wire manufacturer that prompted both labor migration and land speculation beginning in 1891. Immigrants followed, mostly hailing from southeastern Europe and Scandinavia, with especially large groups from Sweden, Finland, and Lithuania. The town also became home to a considerable Armenian population. One member of this community, Monoog Curezhin, even became embroiled in an aborted plot to assassinate Sultan Abdul Hamid II, reviled for his involvement in massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Curezhin lost two fingers on his right hand while testing explosives for this purpose in Waukegan in 1904.

By the 1920s and 1930s, African-Americans began to migrate to the city, mostly from the south. The town was no stranger to racial strife. In June 1920, an African-American boy allegedly hit the car of an off-duty sailor from nearby Great Lakes Naval Base with a rock, and hundreds of white sailors gathered at Sherman House, a hotel reserved for African-Americans. Although newspaper reports and rumors suggested that the officer's wife was hit with glass from the broken windshield, subsequent reports revealed that the officer was not even married. The sailors cried "lynch 'em," but were successfully kept back by the intervention of the police. Marines and sailors renewed their attack on the hotel several days later. The Sherman's residents fled for their lives as the military members carried torches, gasoline, and the American flag. The Waukegan police once again turned them away, but not before firing and wounding two members of the crowd. The police were not always so willing to protect Waukegan's citizens. The chief of police and the state's attorney in the 1920s, for example, were avowed members of the Ku Klux Klan, facts that came to light when a wrongfully convicted African-American war veteran was released from prison on appeal after 25 years. Labor unrest also occurred regularly. In 1919, a strike at the US Steel and Wire Company - which had acquired Washburn & Moen - led to a call for intervention from the state militia.

Noted organized crime figure Johnny Torrio served time in Waukegan's Lake County jail in 1925. He installed bulletproof covers on the windows of his cell at his own expense for fear of assassination attempts.

The city retained a distinct industrial character in contrast to many of the residential suburbs along Chicago's North Shore. The unequal distribution of wealth created by the disappearance of manufacturing from the city in part contributed to the Waukegan Riot of 1966. Central to this event and the remainder of Waukegan's 20th century history was Robert Sabonjian, who served as mayor for 24 years, and earned the nickname the "Mayor Daley of Waukegan" for his personal and sometimes controversial style of politics.


Waukegan is located at 42°22′13″N 87°52′16″W / 42.37028°N 87.87111°W / 42.37028; -87.87111 (42.3703140, -87.8711404). Waukegan is on the shore of Lake Michigan, about 8 miles (13 km) south of the border with Wisconsin and 40 miles (64 km) north of downtown Chicago, at an elevation of about 715 feet (218 m) above sea level.

According to the 2010 census, the city has a total area of 23.88 square miles (61.8 km2), of which 23.67 square miles (61.3 km2) (or 99.12%) is land and 0.21 square miles (0.54 km2) (or 0.88%) is water.


Historical population
Census Pop.
1860 3,433
1870 4,507 31.3%
1880 4,012 −11.0%
1890 4,915 22.5%
1900 9,426 91.8%
1910 16,069 70.5%
1920 19,226 19.6%
1930 33,499 74.2%
1940 34,241 2.2%
1950 46,698 36.4%
1960 61,784 32.3%
1970 65,134 5.4%
1980 67,653 3.9%
1990 69,392 2.6%
2000 89,426 28.9%
2010 89,078 −0.4%
Est. 2014 88,915 −0.2%
U.S. Decennial Census
Waukegan, Illinois Weather

Why Is Uber Better than TaxiCab?

Uber has two advanatges over a traditional taxicab service.

Price -  Uber costs less per ride than a traditional taxi service.  Because drivers use their own personal vehicles instead of a costly commercial fleet, their costs are much lower than a traditional taxicab service.

Convience - Uber is an app based service with a clean and simple UI.  Uber uses GPS coordinates to pinpoint the closest driver.  They give you an updated Estimated Time of Arrival, for both when your Uber driver arrives at your door, and also an ETA for when are supposed to arrive at your destination.

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