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Uber Vallonia, Indiana

uber Vallonia, Indiana

What is Uber you may ask?  Is Uber available in Vallonia, Indiana It’s the coolest and cheapest private driver service. And Yes! Uber is available Vallonia, Indiana!  In fact, there is an appfor that available on both  iPhone, Android and Windows phones! The following are a few helpful hints tips and trick to help your very first Uber ride in Vallonia, Indiana Just think about traveling to Vallonia, Indiana for your vacation  or business trip.  You might think that the only way around is with a traditional, expensive taxi service or by public transportation which takes hours to get from one destination to another.

The lions share of consumers traveilng around the United States believe that these modes of transportation are reputable and would never try to scam a tourist or business traveler that has not had a chance to familiarize themselves with the area they are visiting. After your reservations with the airline have been confirmed, and your hotel accomidations have been solidified, the only thing left on your todo list is figure out how you will get around town once you arrive.  The nicer resorts and hotels have a shuttle service that will take you to and from the airport.   But if your hotel does not have a shuttle, nor is near a bus stop; then really you only have 3 choices left.

  1. Friends or Relatives
  2. Traditional Taxicab
  3. Uber
TaxiCabs have been in business in the USA since the invention of the autombile.  Millions use traditional taxicabs all the time.  Their big disadvantage is price and inconvience.  If you are in densley populated area, you can usually hail a cab in 5 minutes, however, if you live in sparsley populated area, a cab can take 45 minutes to pick you up.

How To Use Uber in Vallonia, Indiana

The following steps will make using Uber in Vallonia, Indiana a breeze.
  1. It is easy to register.  Start by clicking the graphic banner at the bottom to recieve your discount code. Once you are registered, the next step is to download the App by Uber from the app store, next you need to input your credit card account details, and verify that you have recieved your first time riders  Discount Code for a FREE Ride. It is required that you enter the uber discount code prior to requesting your  very first Uber ride in Vallonia, Indiana.
  2. . Verify how many Uber Vallonia, Indianacars are available to pickup riders close to your location in Vallonia, Indiana
  3. Next check how many cars, employed by Uber, are in the Vallonia, Indiana area and are can pickup riders that are in your current eighborhood.
  4. Now it is time to summon a ride. The nearest driver for Uber driver in the Vallonia, Indiana area gets the request, via their Uber Partners app, with your pickup destination.
  5. Make sure that you wither call or text the Uber driver with any information the driver will need to find you, such as out in front of a business.  Reminder:  If you live in a gated community, Do not forget to text the driver with your gate code!
  6.  After the ride is complete, it is time to rat your experience.  Please be mindful that a negative rating can severely hurt a drivers reputation, so only rate low if absolutely necessary.
  7.  Its time to pay.  Stop reaching for your wallet.  All fares are taken care of via the credit card stored on your account.  But don't fret, the first fare is on us.  Tipping is appreciated, but not required (there is nowhere to add a tip,so it will have to be a cash tp).

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Vallonia, Indiana Information:

Unincorporated community
The Joseph Jackson Hotel, a historic site in the community
The Joseph Jackson Hotel, a historic site in the community
Vallonia is located in Indiana
Coordinates: 38°50′49″N 86°05′52″W / 38.84694°N 86.09778°W / 38.84694; -86.09778Coordinates: 38°50′49″N 86°05′52″W / 38.84694°N 86.09778°W / 38.84694; -86.09778
Country United States
State Indiana
County Jackson
Township Driftwood
Elevation 535 ft (163 m)
ZIP code 47281
FIPS code 18-78290
GNIS feature ID 445200

Vallonia is an unincorporated community in Driftwood Township, Jackson County, Indiana, and as an 18th-century French settlement and 19th-century American frontier fortification known as Fort Vallonia.


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Vallonia is located at 38°50′49″N 86°05′52″W / 38.84694°N 86.09778°W / 38.84694; -86.09778.


Fort Vallonia[edit]

Vallonia was a French settlement of the late 18th century and lay between the Muscatatuck River and White River's east fork (aka Driftwood). Circa 1810, hostilities began between the settlers and Native Americans. Governor General William Henry Harrison ordered a fort built as well as a number of other defensive structures including a large stockade, garrison, blockhouses, and a spring. to be built to protect the some 90 families in the area. Two companies of Indiana Rangers were stationed here during the War of 1812.

Huff's fort and Ketcham's fort were two other fortifications, though not as large. Huff's fort was said to be "higher up" than Vallonia and Ketcham's "still above".

One of the new companies of Indiana Rangers was newly organized, and set out to investigate claims of a Native American war party near Brownstown, Indiana. Finding no war party, the company returned to Fort Vallonia, but one ranger, Robert Sturgeon, rode ahead. He was ambushed by Native Americans and killed. The rangers, in a panic, rode hard back to Fort Vallonia, never stopping to help Sturgeon. Five civilians finally left the fort to recover Sturgeon's body, and buried it near the fort. When Major John Tipton arrived and learned of the rangers' conduct, he assumed command of the fort and began routine drills of the two companies stationed at the fort. A later skirmish, known as the Battle of Tipton's Island, allowed the rangers to prove their ability to engage Native Americans.

Numerous attacks and skirmishes occurred between the Rangers of Fort Vallonia and American Indians during the War of 1812. Attacks in this area of the Indiana Territory diminished after an expedition to destroy the Miami village at the confluence of the Wabash River and Mississinewa River. That expedition left Fort Vallonia on 1 July 1813, led by Colonel William Russell in command of the Indiana Rangers and Major Zachary Taylor in command of the 7th Infantry Regiment, as well as a company of Kentucky volunteers. The force destroyed the deserted village, which had been heavily fortified by Tecumseh, but covered 500 miles without encountering a single Native American.

Later developments[edit]

Vallonia was legally platted in 1853.


Nowadays, Vallonia is a small unincorporated community located on S. State Road 135. In 1972, Fort Vallonia was rebuilt and is the centerpiece for the annual Fort Vallonia Days festival. The three-day event is held on the third weekend of October and draws crowds of up to 30,000 people.

Popular Culture[edit]

Vallonia was one of the primary filming areas for the movie, Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back.


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Further reading[edit]

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