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Uber Massillon, Ohio

uber Massillon, Ohio

What is Uber you may ask?  Is Uber available in Massillon, Ohio It’s the coolest and cheapest private driver service. And Yes! Uber is available Massillon, Ohio!  In fact, there is an appfor that available on both  iPhone, Android and Windows phones! The following are a few helpful hints tips and trick to help your very first Uber ride in Massillon, Ohio Just think about traveling to Massillon, Ohio for your vacation  or business trip.  You might think that the only way around is with a traditional, expensive taxi service or by public transportation which takes hours to get from one destination to another.

The lions share of consumers traveilng around the United States believe that these modes of transportation are reputable and would never try to scam a tourist or business traveler that has not had a chance to familiarize themselves with the area they are visiting. After your reservations with the airline have been confirmed, and your hotel accomidations have been solidified, the only thing left on your todo list is figure out how you will get around town once you arrive.  The nicer resorts and hotels have a shuttle service that will take you to and from the airport.   But if your hotel does not have a shuttle, nor is near a bus stop; then really you only have 3 choices left.

  1. Friends or Relatives
  2. Traditional Taxicab
  3. Uber
TaxiCabs have been in business in the USA since the invention of the autombile.  Millions use traditional taxicabs all the time.  Their big disadvantage is price and inconvience.  If you are in densley populated area, you can usually hail a cab in 5 minutes, however, if you live in sparsley populated area, a cab can take 45 minutes to pick you up.

How To Use Uber in Massillon, Ohio

The following steps will make using Uber in Massillon, Ohio a breeze.
  1. It is easy to register.  Start by clicking the graphic banner at the bottom to recieve your discount code. Once you are registered, the next step is to download the App by Uber from the app store, next you need to input your credit card account details, and verify that you have recieved your first time riders  Discount Code for a FREE Ride. It is required that you enter the uber discount code prior to requesting your  very first Uber ride in Massillon, Ohio.
  2. . Verify how many Uber Massillon, Ohiocars are available to pickup riders close to your location in Massillon, Ohio
  3. Next check how many cars, employed by Uber, are in the Massillon, Ohio area and are can pickup riders that are in your current eighborhood.
  4. Now it is time to summon a ride. The nearest driver for Uber driver in the Massillon, Ohio area gets the request, via their Uber Partners app, with your pickup destination.
  5. Make sure that you wither call or text the Uber driver with any information the driver will need to find you, such as out in front of a business.  Reminder:  If you live in a gated community, Do not forget to text the driver with your gate code!
  6.  After the ride is complete, it is time to rat your experience.  Please be mindful that a negative rating can severely hurt a drivers reputation, so only rate low if absolutely necessary.
  7.  Its time to pay.  Stop reaching for your wallet.  All fares are taken care of via the credit card stored on your account.  But don't fret, the first fare is on us.  Tipping is appreciated, but not required (there is nowhere to add a tip,so it will have to be a cash tp).

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Massillon, Ohio Information:

Massillon, Ohio
City of Massillon
Lincoln Way in downtown Massillon in 2006
Lincoln Way in downtown Massillon in 2006
Nickname(s): Tigertown USA
Motto: City of Champions
Location in Ohio
Location in Ohio
Location of Massillon in Stark County
Location of Massillon in Stark County
Coordinates: 40°47′48″N 81°31′17″W / 40.79667°N 81.52139°W / 40.79667; -81.52139Coordinates: 40°47′48″N 81°31′17″W / 40.79667°N 81.52139°W / 40.79667; -81.52139
Country United States
State Ohio
County Stark
Incorporated 1868
 • Type Mayor-Council
 • Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry (D)
 • Total 18.76 sq mi (48.59 km2)
 • Land 18.58 sq mi (48.12 km2)
 • Water 0.18 sq mi (0.47 km2)
Elevation 948 ft (289 m)
Population (2010)
 • Total 32,149
 • Estimate (2012) 32,156
 • Density 1,730.3/sq mi (668.1/km2)
Time zone Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
ZIP codes 44646-44648
Area code(s) 330
FIPS code 39-48244
GNIS feature ID 1061483

Massillon is a city in Stark County in the U.S. state of Ohio, approximately 8 miles (13 km) west of Canton, 20 miles (32 km) south of Akron, and 50 miles (80 km) south of Cleveland. The population was 32,149 at the 2010 census, which makes it the 44th largest city in Ohio.

Massillon is the second largest incorporated area within the Canton-Massillon, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2010 census, the metropolitan area had a population of 404,422 and includes all of Stark and Carroll counties.

The city's incorporated area primarily resides in the western half of Perry Township, with portions extending north into Jackson Township, west into Tuscarawas Township, and south into Bethlehem Township. The village of Navarre borders the city to the south.


  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Port of Massillon
    • 1.2 C. M. Russell & Company
    • 1.3 Massillon Bridge Company
    • 1.4 Massillon State Hospital
    • 1.5 Jewel Motor Car Company
    • 1.6 Steel Era
    • 1.7 Massillon Steel Joist
    • 1.8 Lincoln Highway
    • 1.9 Little Steel Strike
    • 1.10 Coxey's Army
  • 2 Geography
  • 3 Demographics
    • 3.1 2000 census
    • 3.2 2010 census
  • 4 Economy
  • 5 Government
  • 6 Education
    • 6.1 Public Schools
    • 6.2 Private schools
    • 6.3 Post secondary
  • 7 Attractions
    • 7.1 Massillon Museum
    • 7.2 Lions Lincoln Theatre
    • 7.3 Ohio Military Museum
    • 7.4 Parks and Recreation
  • 8 Football
    • 8.1 Professional Football
    • 8.2 Massillon Tigers
    • 8.3 Paul Brown Tiger Stadium
    • 8.4 Paul L. David Athletic Training Center
    • 8.5 City of Champions
    • 8.6 Tiger Swing Band
    • 8.7 ESPN Titletown U.S.A finalist
  • 9 Transportation
    • 9.1 Air
    • 9.2 Rail
  • 10 Media
  • 11 Notable people
  • 12 References
  • 13 External links


McKinley Hall, Ohio State Hospital, Massillon, Ohio (1915 Postcard)
Ohio and Erie Canal in Massillon at the turn of the century
Russell & Company Steam Tractor
Massillon State Hospital in early 1900s

Port of Massillon[edit]

The original settlement of Kendal was founded in 1812 by Thomas Rotch, a Quaker originally of New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Hartford, Connecticut. James Duncan of New Hampshire first settled in Kendal before recording the plot for Massillon in December 6, 1826. Duncan, known as the city's founder, named the town after Jean Baptiste Massillon, a French Catholic bishop, at the request of his wife. The town plat was established along the east bank of the Tuscarawas River, which was the surveyed route for the Ohio and Erie Canal being constructed to connect Lake Erie with the Ohio River. The canal section spanning from Cleveland to Massillon was completed in 1828. Massillon quickly became a major port town along the canal route, known as the Port of Massillon, following the canal's completion in the 1832. The first telegraph lines would reach Massillon in 1847, and the Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad would extend its rails to Massillon in 1852. Massillon incorporated as a village in 1853. In 1868, Massillon incorporated as a city when the populated reached 5,000.

C. M. Russell & Company[edit]

The C. M. Russell & Company, formed in 1842 by Charles. M. Russell and his brothers, Nahum Russell and Clement Russell, manufactured threshing machines and other agricultural implements in Massillon. The company began producing train cars in 1852 and incorporated in 1864 as Russell & Company Inc. In 1884, Russell & Company begain producing its famed steam traction engines and quickly became one of the largest producers of industrial and agricultural equipment. A merger with the Griscom-Spencer company in 1912 created the Griscom-Russell Company. Griscom-Russell produced heat exchangers for the United States Navy during World War II. The company closed in 1962.

Massillon Bridge Company[edit]

The Massillon Iron Bridge Company was founded by Joseph Davenport in 1869 after moving to Massillon from Boston to work at the C. M. Russell & Company. Davenport also invented and built the first locomotive "cowcatcher" and cab in Massillon. The company incorporated in 1887 as The Massillon Bridge Company. The Massillon Bridge Company designed and built steel truss bridges up through the mid-1900s, many of which stand today.

Massillon State Hospital[edit]

The Massillon State Hospital for the Insane opened in 1898 on 240 acres of land given to the state of Ohio for the purpose of constructing the hospital. The hospital was established by Ohio governor William McKinley. By 1950 there were 3,100 patients in the hospital. Today it is known as Heartland Behavioral Healthcare.

Jewel Motor Car Company[edit]

The Forest City Motor Company was founded in Cleveland in 1906 but relocated to Massillon that same year. Forest City produced approximately 1,000 of their Jewel automobiles in Massillon between 1906 and 1909. The name of the company was changed to the Jewel Motor Car Company but the company eventually ceased production in 1909.

Steel Era[edit]

Although steelmaking and fabrication is found throughout its history, some say Massillon's steel age didn't start until 1909, when the first sheet of steel was rolled at the Massillon Rolling Mill Company. Massillon Rolling merged into the Central Steel Company in 1914, and lit its first open hearth furnace in 1915. Central Steel eventually became known as the Central Alloy Steel Company. In April 1930, Central Alloy merged with Republic Steel, becoming the third largest steel company in the world, with its Massillon operations employing nearly one-half of the city's workforce by 1959. This included other Massillon divisions like Massillon Union Drawn Steel and its stainless steel division Enduro Stainless. In 1984 Republic Steel was purchased by LTV Steel. Enduro closed in 1985, and it and other stainless plants went through several ownership changes over the following 15 years. The main Republic facilities on the southwest side of Massillon closed by 2002.

Massillon Steel Joist[edit]

Stanley Macomber designed the open-web steel joist in 1921 while working for Massillon's Central Steel Company. Macomber left Central Steel and founded the Massillon Steel Joist Co. in 1923. His open-web steel joist, patented in 1924, was known as the Massillon Steel Joist. Macomber's invention was a revolutionary assembly of steel joists with a top slab used to support of floors, ceilings and roofs. The basis of Macomber's steel joist design is still used today. Stanley Macomber was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame in 2011.

Lincoln Highway[edit]

Lincoln Highway (US-30) looking east into Downtown Massillon, 1966

Lincoln Highway, the first U.S. highway to run from coast to coast, was envisioned in 1913 and followed Main Street through the center of Massillon. Main Street was eventually renamed Lincoln Way in recognition of the new highway. In 1928, the federal government renamed Lincoln Highway to U.S. 30. A controlled access freeway was constructed in 1971, bypassing U.S. 30 around to the city's most southern part. The old Lincoln Highway that runs through Massillon and Canton was reassigned as State Route 172.

Little Steel Strike[edit]

Massillon was a site where one of the most tragic instances of anti-union violence in the history of the United States occurred. The Steel Workers Organizing Committee began an attempt to organize workers at Republic Steel in the spring of 1937, following the unionizing of workers at the country's two largest steel companies US Steel and Jones & Laughlin Steel. In retaliation, Republic Steel expelled over 1000 union supporters at plants in Canton and Massillon. On May 26, the union eventually called for all workers at Republic Steel, Youngstown Sheet and Tube, and Inland Steel (together known as Little Steel) to strike in response to the treatment of workers in Massillon and Canton.

On the night of July 11, 1937, a car failed to dim its headlights as it approached a police barracade near a picket line at one of the Massillon plants. City police assumed the worst and without warning opened fire with rifles and shotguns. Police then used this infraction to raid a peaceful crowd that was gathered in front of the union headquarters. Police pumped tear gas canisters and opened fire into the fleeing crowd. Joined by National Guardsmen, the police destroyed the union hall and arrested every suspected unionist they could find. Three men were killed and hundreds were injured during this incident.

Ohio Historical Marker #18-76 was erected in 2004 in front of the Massillon City Hall in memory of the Little Steel Strike of 1937.

Coxey's Army[edit]

Jacob S. Coxey, Sr., sometimes known as General Coxey of Massillon, was an American politician who ran for elective office several times in Ohio. He twice led Coxey's Army, in 1894 and 1914, consisting of a group of unemployed men that he led on marches from Massillon to Washington, D.C., to present a "Petition in Boots" demanding that the Congress allocate funds to create jobs for the unemployed. Although his march failed, Coxey's Army was an early attempt to arouse political interest in an issue that grew in importance until the Social Security Act of 1935 encouraged the establishment of state unemployment insurance programs.

Jacob Coxey was elected mayor of Massillon in 1931 and served one year.


Massillon is at 40°47′48″N 81°31′17″W / 40.79667°N 81.52139°W / 40.79667; -81.52139 (40.7967, 81.5214), along the Tuscarawas River.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 18.76 square miles (48.59 km2), of which 18.58 square miles (48.12 km2) is land and 0.18 square miles (0.47 km2) is water.

The following residential neighborhoods are located in and around the city: Amherst Heights, Belmont, C.H.A.R.M, Charity Rotch, Chestnut Hills, Clearview, Colonial Hills, Columbia Heights, East Brookfield, Elms Acres, Greenwood Acres, Kendall Heights, Lawndale, Mayflower Village, Moffitt Heights, New England, Oak Ridge, Perry Heights, Raynell, Sippo Heights, University Village, Walnut Hills, Wellman, West Brookfield, West Park, St. Andrews Golf Estates and Westadaro


Historical population
Census Pop.
1840 1,420
1860 3,819
1870 5,185 35.8%
1880 6,836 31.8%
1890 10,092 47.6%
1900 11,944 18.4%
1910 10,092 −15.5%
1920 17,428 72.7%
1930 26,400 51.5%
1940 26,644 0.9%
1950 29,594 11.1%
1960 31,236 5.5%
1970 32,539 4.2%
1980 30,557 −6.1%
1990 31,007 1.5%
2000 31,325 1.0%
2010 32,149 2.6%
Est. 2014 32,274 0.4%
Massillon, Ohio Weather

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